Cornell University is adding a class to its fall curriculum called "America Confronts the World," Pete Hegseth and Clayton Morris reported.

The course description says the class will examine the differences between President Trump's "xenophobic nationalism" and President Obama's "pragmatic cosmopolitanism."

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Campus Reform reporter Neetu Chandak, a student at the Ithaca, N.Y. school, said the campus is already well-known for its tendency toward liberal indoctrination.

Hegseth remarked that it's difficult to even figure out what is meant by "pragmatic cosmopolitanism," calling the class a "semester-long critique" of Trump.

Chandak said the course sounds like one where she would not feel comfortable expressing her own personal views.

She added that as a residency staff member, she is already ostracized by her fellow R.A.'s who do not share her worldview.

The rift, she said, has caused her to issue her R.A. resignation for the fall term.

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