Democrats are blasting the ObamaCare replacement legislation which narrowly passed the House yesterday. 

In a series of tweets, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called the bill "even more brutal" than the first version, which failed to garner enough support for a vote. 

She accused the GOP of passing the bill - even without a score on projected cost and coverage from the Congressional Budget Office - to score political points.

"[The bill] will devastate Americans' healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die," she wrote.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called it a "massive tax cut for the rich," warning the GOP lawmakers who voted for it that they'll have a "tattoo on their foreheads."

On "Outnumbered" today the hosts discussed the messaging from both parties about the American Health Care Act. 

Meghan McCain said Republicans must explain to people what the law will mean for them to prevent the left from "co-opting the narrative" and scaring people.

She said she would have advised against holding the Rose Garden celebration with House Republicans and President Trump. 

Dagen McDowell said the Republicans are already "on their heels," urging Trump to travel across America and explain what's in the bill. 

"There are no Republican talking points. ... They need to be fighting this tooth and nail and tell the American people they will have more choice and lower cost," she said.

Watch the discussion above.

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