Tucker Carlson took a look at a case in Boston, where an Uber driver - who was previously deported - is accused of raping a female passenger. 

Luis Baez, 34, is also accused of using a fake name in order to become an Uber driver.

ICE agents are now trying to locate Baez, who was released on $2,500 bail by Newton District Court Judge Mary Beth Heffernan. He disappeared before ICE could file a detainer to keep him in custody, the Herald reported.

Baez, originally from Dominican Republic, was previously deported and that fact was reportedly brought up to Heffernan by prosecutors, who wanted a $100,000 bail and GPS monitoring to ensure he would not flee.

Police said Baez was using the name Pedro Valentin to work for Uber, allegedly raping the young woman after picking her up last September.

"What’s been described is a horrible crime and we will continue to fully support law enforcement,” an Uber spokeswoman said. "Uber blocked this individual’s account as soon as we learned about this last year."

Carlson discussed the case with radio host and Boston Herald writer Howie Carr, calling out the seemingly low bail amount of $2,500 for a rape charge. 

"When the left is pushed, in this case a liberal judge, to balance the rights of women - which they say they stand for - with the so-called rights of illegal aliens, the latter wins. 2,500 bucks for bail on a rape charge?" he asked.

Watch the segment above and the report from FOX Boston below.