An Arizona sheriff is opposed to President Donald Trump's proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, calling it a "medieval solution to a modern problem."

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier said in an interview with New York Times podcast “The Daily” that lawmakers would be better off giving a fraction of the estimated billions it would take to build the wall to law enforcement.

“I think it’s kind of a medieval solution to a modern problem," Napier said. "I mean, 10,000 years ago we were building walls around things, and here we are in 2017, and this is the best idea we can come up with?”

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Napier, whose county includes 125 miles of the border and the city of Tucson, doubled down on his comments.

He said he's completely in favor of securing our porous border, which he called a national security problem, a public safety problem and a human rights problem.

"My fear is that we're continuing this dialogue of 'a wall, a wall, wall,' which to many of us, just doesn't seem credible," Napier said. "And in that discourse, we're losing the more serious discussions about how to better secure our border at a lower cost point, perhaps more effectively."

He suggested a blend of technology, fixed barriers and human resources could work better than a traditional wall.

Tucker said voters believe that lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are pressured to ignore illegal immigration, and the American people want concrete evidence that someone is finally taking the problem seriously.

"It's an easy sound bite. It's easy to digest," Napier said. "This is a very complex issue. And perhaps that's why we're still dealing with it."

Tucker countered that a "medieval solution to a modern problem" is also an easy sound bite.

"Nothing we've done in the past 50 years has really worked," Tucker said. "And so what's the guarantee that your solution will be different and will work?"

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