Meghan McCain sounded off this afternoon on Hillary Clinton's claim that she would be president right now if not for the actions of FBI Director James Comey and "Russian Wikileaks."

At an event a few days ago, Clinton said she took full responsibility for her defeat before making a few excuses. 

Even Democrats, like David Axelrod, have pushed back on her reasoning, calling out Clinton for not doing enough in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, where she unexpectedly lost to Trump. 

McCain looked back to her father, Sen. John McCain's, election defeat in 2008 to Barack Obama and his decision to immediately move forward. 

She said the loss was "embarrassing," adding that Obama was a political "phenomenon" at the time the same way President Trump was last year. 

"On election night, my family prayed together, talked about how blessed we are and in that moment, elected to move on. Had my father been going on TV 100 days later blaming everyone else, I would have called him up and personally yanked him off television and said, 'you're embarrassing yourself, this is pathetic and most importantly this is not good for America,'" said McCain. 


She called Clinton's behavior "deeply unpatriotic" and "quite pathetic," arguing that the losing campaign team is always seen as "idiots" while the winning side is hailed as "geniuses."

"I feel like this is going to be my own personal version of hell where every month she comes on TV and tells me why she should have been president."

Marie Harf said the Democratic Party must get to work on an economic message that brings in voters who sided with Bernie Sanders against Clinton.

"I don't care if she ever realizes [why she lost]," said Harf, adding that the party must figure it out to develop a new strategy. 

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