Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) was one of the 20 House Republicans who just voted against the ObamaCare replacement legislation. 

The revised version of the American Health Care Act passed on a 217-213 vote this afternoon, with all Democrats voting "no."

The bill now goes to the Senate, where it faces an uncertain future. Lance joined Sandra Smith after the vote to explain his opposition. 

He said he does not believe the bill will lower premiums and wanted to see Democrats involved in the process to solve the problems with ObamaCare. 

Lance also said the Republican leadership should have waited for a score of the legislation from the Congressional Budget Office before holding a vote.

The first version of the bill, which did not garner enough support for a vote, would have resulted in a loss of coverage for 24 million people over a decade, according to the CBO projection.

House Democrats also pushed for a CBO score on the bill, with Nancy Pelosi saying her GOP colleagues were going to "walk the plank" by supporting this bill. 

Sandra also talked to Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ), who leads the moderate Tuesday Group and helped bring about an agreement with the conservative Freedom Caucus on a bill that would pass. 

MacArthur said he believes some of his GOP colleagues who voted "no" would have supported the legislation if their votes were necessary to pass it. 


He emphasized that one-third of U.S. counties are down to just one health insurance provider and in New Jersey there are just two. 

"We have to fix this," said MacArthur, adding that he hopes the Senate works quickly - including on possible changes - so that the bill goes to President Trump to sign.

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