Chrissy Teigen suggested on Thursday that President Donald Trump has had a detrimental effect on her mental and physical health.

The outspoken model tweeted that Trump should pay her medical bills, because his administration has pushed into upping her medication dosage and given her tooth-grinding and jaw tension issues.

"For many people, Trump hate is an all-or-nothing proposition - he's either a monster, or you're wrong about him being a monster - which creates unnecessary certainty in your brain," Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" tonight. "It's also such an emotional commitment to carry around so much anger and so much bitter baggage. It takes up a lot of space in your head to hate someone."

He said that's why the best "prescription" to reduce anxiety is to reject extreme positions.

"Nothing is as bad as you think. Nothing is as great, either. Life's usually right in the middle, pleasing you and disappointing you at the same time," Gutfeld said. "So, we all need to lighten up. This Trump effect can be debilitating. I may list it as a preexisting condition."

See the "Five" co-hosts react above.

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