Tucker Carlson debated BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith four months after their first fiery battle over an unverified dossier of damaging claims against President Trump.

On Wednesday, Carlson debated Smith on whether the mainstream media "missed the Donald Trump swell" of support because their ranks are mostly liberals living in left-leaning locales.

He asked whether BuzzFeed was one of those news outlets Politico was talking about - with offices primarily in Washington, New York and Los Angeles.

Smith disagreed, responding that he recently hired a conservative political reporter and is looking to base journalists in places like Ohio.

Carlson said journalism was effectively a "one-party state" devoid of diversity.

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"How many Trump people do you think you have on staff at BuzzFeed?" Carlson asked.

Smith defended BuzzFeed, saying that despite the locations of his offices, he looks for right-leaning reporters.

"I don't poll my employees," he said.

Carlson said that a former BuzzFeed reporter recently revealed he had been shunned by his colleagues for unknowingly offending Native Americans.

The reporter, known on Twitter as "Baked Alaska," said that he once referred to singer Justin Bieber as his "spirit animal," and other staff members were offended by it.

Smith said he doubted the man's story and added that "Baked Alaska" reportedly went on to say insensitive things about Jewish people on Twitter.

Watch the full debate above.

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