Karl Rove believes that FBI Director James Comey did not affect the 2016 election, but he wishes that Comey had not "made himself an issue" with his handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe.

Clinton on Tuesday said that she took responsibility for her election loss - but went on to blame Comey and Russian interference for helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

Comey on Wednesday strongly defended his decision to announce his reopened probe into Clinton's private email use less than two weeks before the presidential election, saying it was a “hard choice” but the right one.

On "Happening Now" today, Rove explained that the Democratic narrative is: Clinton didn't lose because she was a "lousy candidate" who stood for the status quo in a year in which people wanted change, but because of Comey and Russian meddling.

He said Republicans should get used to hearing those excuses, because they're not going anywhere.

"These are going to be distractions, first of all," Rove said. "But more importantly, they're going to add to the general environment that is so corrosive to people's trust in our government and our political system and our political leaders."

Rove said that he wishes that Comey had not delivered a strongly-worded public statement in July on the bureau's decision not to recommend charges, and also that he had not announced the reopened probe mere days before the election.

"The Democrats have seized upon this as a means of explaining away their election defeat, claiming that he was responsible for influencing the outcome of the election," Rove said.

He noted that the polls simply don't back up that argument, but that won't stop Clinton and the Democrats from using it.

Watch more from Rove above.

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