Conservative writer Mark Steyn said the culture of political correctness on college campuses is akin to the "totalitarian moronization of a generation."

The panel was discussing a professor who docked a student points on his essay for using the word "man" instead of a more inclusive term like "mankind."

Steyn said on "The Fox News Specialists" that penalizing students for using the wrong words is just the latest example in a politically correct trend on campus.

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He said that Davis was "engaging in the totalitarian moronization of a generation" - effectively turning young people into "morons" by force.

Steyn said both "man" and "mankind" can be used in a gender-neutral way, reiterating that professors like Davis are trying to control language.

Earlier in the program, Steyn defended Stephen Colbert against those calling for his firing over a crude joke about President Trump.

Steyn, a "Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host, said that in this case Colbert is just as much entitled to use whatever word he wants.

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