Charles Krauthammer said that Republicans' confirmation that an ObamaCare replacement vote will be called on Thursday is a "cause for celebration."

Peter Doocy broke the news during "The Story with Martha MacCallum" on Wednesday, and Krauthammer called it "good news."

He said the announcement was a "major achievement" for Congressional Republicans.

"This [Trump] administration, working with this Congress, has managed to achieve in less than four months what the Republicans were unable to do in six years," he said.

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He also said several Republicans like Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, who called for a guarantee of coverage for preexisting conditions, were not "sincere" in their past repeal votes.

Krauthammer said Upton and others who voted for repeal in the past knew then-President Obama would veto the legislation.

But he said such factors did not take much away from the long-awaited "consensus" on a replacement.

"This is a cause for celebration," he said.

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