Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the key architects of ObamaCare, debated Martha MacCallum on the legitimacy of comedian Jimmy Kimmel's argument for preexisting condition coverage.

Kimmel said in a tearful monologue that his young son was born with a congenital heart issue and that he did not want to see other infants die because their parents could not afford care.

Emanuel agreed with a Washington Post headline that said the Republicans have "no good answer for Jimmy Kimmel."

Martha MacCallum said doctors will not just abandon a baby because their parents do not have adequate coverage.

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Emanuel said people are treated differently by hospitals depending on whether they are insured.

He referenced a study that purported to show higher mortality rates for those who are uninsured and receive treatment.

"There's no mean being out there whose not going to help a child... if they're in dire need," MacCallum said.

Emanuel said MacCallum was "narrowing" the case of adequate health coverage, and said "your point is just wrong."

"[Kimmel] is making a very accurate claim," he said.

MacCallum repeated that doctors will not deny anyone care based on their insurance status.

"They'll do [a] surgery no matter what," she said.

Watch Kimmel's remarks below:

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