Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe DiGenova slammed FBI Director James Comey as "a danger to the country."

DiGenova, who served under President Reagan, said Comey's narcissism led him to take unnecessary and troubling steps during the Hillary Clinton email probe.

He said Comey should have been fired after his 2016 news conference in which he announced he would not recommend Clinton's prosecution.

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DiGenova said Comey thinks he "is the last righteous man left standing."

"He surrounds himself with his own cult of personality," DiGenova said.

He added that Comey's "original sin" was that press conference and all the incidents that followed stemmed from that event.

DiGenova said he never would have sent the letter Comey did on October 28 that Clinton partially blamed for her loss - because he never would have inserted himself in July.

Watch the full fiery segment above.

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