Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant from the Philippines, debated Tucker Carlson on the May Day protests and immigration policy.

Carlson asked Vargas why some on the left are embracing violence, as seen earlier this week in Portland, Ore. and elsewhere.

Vargas said he was not excusing the violence but objected to Carlson's determination that the protesters were all left-wing.

"For many of us, this issue is not political but personal. I as a person am not illegal," Vargas said.

Carlson said a suspect in a liquor store holdup could say he was not an "illegal" person too.

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Vargas asked if Carlson had heard of Martin Luther King saying that "riot [is] the voice of the unheard," calling Donald Trump's presidency a "time of terror and fear" for immigrants.

Carlson asked whether U.S. citizens have a right to say who enters their country and how many "illegal aliens" are allowed in.

"I'm not from Mars," Vargas responded, taking issue with the "alien" term.

Carlson repeatedly asked Vargas to give a number that would be an "appropriate" amount of illegal immigrants to allow in.

He and Vargas went back and forth several times on the issue, but Vargas would not give him a figure or a range.

Watch the full debate above.

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