Political commentator Tomi Lahren said progressives who shut down free speech are "social justice warriors" who think they are "doing the country a service."

Lahren said they see shutting down speeches by Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos as a service to others but "they won't serve the actual country overseas."

She said young progressives are wrong if they believe right-wing speakers are the worst problems they will encounter "in their little snowflake lives."

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"They've got another thing coming when they leave UC-Berkeley," she said.

Sean Hannity pointed out that conservatives do not often boycott things they disagree with, like comedian Stephen Colbert, who called President Trump a "gorilla" and claimed he performed a sex act on Vladimir Putin.

"They play by a different set of rules," Lahren said, adding that their "checklists" consist of "tofu, quinoa and 'anti-Trump'."

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