Tucker Carlson debated a professor who said Attorney General Jeff Sessions is "demonizing" MS-13 by accusing them of being a broader criminal enterprise than they are.

University of Houston Professor Luis Salinas told the Los Angeles Times this week that Sessions is "scapegoating" MS-13 to "serve his agenda."

"What he’s basically trying to do is demonize them and make them guilty of every possible crime, and use scare tactics to justify a crackdown on crime," he told the paper.

Salinas told Carlson that he now "withdraws" his use of the term "demonize," but maintained that Sessions was not completely correct in his description of the gang.

Salinas agreed that MS-13 is an extremely violent gang, which hacks its victims to death with machetes rather than using firearms, and sells women into prostitution.

Carlson said the issue has become so bad in places like Central Islip, N.Y. and nearby Brentwood, that the county there has seen 15 murders attributed to the gang in the past 16 months.

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He asked why Salinas would use the term "demonize" in the first place to describe a gang tens-of-thousands strong that has a motto translating to "kill, rape, control."

Salinas said Sessions incorrectly called the group a "cartel," saying their leadership is too young and disorganized to operate a well-oiled drug importation operation.

He said the government should "strike a balance" in the way they describe gangs.

Carlson said immigration is "coloring" the gang issue, saying sanctuary cities are part of the reason for MS-13's prevalence in the U.S. because they will not deport illegal immigrant criminals."

Salinas said that less than 500 out of the 114,000 people deported in 2016 were gang members.

Watch the full debate above.

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