Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton expressed skepticism that China will take action to solve the North Korea problem. 

As Pyongyang vows to accelerate its nuclear program, Bolton said on "America's Newsroom" that the situation is growing "more serious" and that the Trump administration cannot allow the hermit regime to develop a nuclear-armed missile capable of reaching the U.S. 

But he said President Trump should not count on Beijing to act on its own to pressure North Korea to end its nuclear proliferation. 

"I don't think, personally, we have definitive evidence that China is doing that. I think China is likely, unfortunately, doing the same thing it's done for 25 years which is give with one hand and take away with the other," said Bolton.

"They have done this for decades. They make cosmetic changes in their policy and then when America - with our famously short attention span - looks somewhere else, it's back to business as usual." 

He said he believes it's in China's best interest right now to make a deal that would "end the North Korean regime" and that Beijing might be more willing to negotiate if they feel that the threat of U.S. military action is real.

"If there's a real change, which is possible, it's because of Trump's hard line after eight years of passivity," Bolton concluded.

Watch his full analysis above.

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