Tucker Carlson debated an immigration activist who took part in one of the May Day workers' demonstrations.

Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, said he took to Foley Square in Lower Manhattan to lend his voice for the rights of immigrants.

Carlson said it was ironic that Choi and his fellow demonstrators used a holiday meant to celebrate American labor to instead celebrate those who have weakened the job market.

He asked Choi why people who work for $12 per hour would want to see people come into their towns and work for $7 per hour.

"We live in a global economy... it's not a zero sum game," Choi said, adding that New York City, Buffalo and Syracuse have benefited from increased immigration.

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Carlson disagreed, pointing out that the middle class is "dying" in those communities.

"How many immigrants should we let in?" Carlson asked.

Choi said he could not name a specific number of people, and sparred with Carlson over the cost of immigration on the market.

"You want more immigrants but you don't know how many," Carlson said. "I just wish the left were more serious about economics."

Watch the full debate above.

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