Is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg moving toward a presidential run?

The speculation has ramped up in recent days after Zuckerberg's recent stops in Michigan and Ohio. 

He stopped at a Ford plant near Detroit on Thursday, where he learned about the assembly of the Ford F-150 pickup.

The next day he made a surprise visit to Newton Falls, Ohio to have dinner with a family of Democrat voters who supported Trump.

"Just got into Ohio. Thanks to Dan and Lisa Moore for welcoming me into your home for a wonderful dinner!" he wrote on Facebook. 

Zuckerberg announced he wanted to visit and talk to people in all 50 states this year, previously going to Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina. 

In January, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - a nonprofit organization started by Zuckerberg and his wife - hired political campaign veterans David Plouffe and Ken Mehlman to lead a policy advisory board.

Watch above as "Varney & Co." discusses the possible presidential run. 

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