On the premiere of "The Fox News Specialists," Eric Bolling and guest Mark Cuban debated President Trump's role in calming May Day protesters.

On May 1, demonstrators often congregate to press for workers' rights.

However, in the wake of President Trump's plan to crackdown on illegal immigration as well as other parts of his agenda, many May Day protests transformed into anti-Trump demonstrations.

Bolling and Cuban debated the legitimacy of the protests.

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"Diplomacy starts at home," Cuban said. "If you want to end conflict, go talk to them."

Bolling said Cuban was one of the many people who said Trump would never win because he was too divisive:

"He hasn't changed his stance and they're still protesting," he said.

Cuban responded, saying Trump should still respect the protesters' voice.

He said Trump listens closer to governments overseas than he does to his own critics at home.

Kat Timpf said Trump may have a hard time talking to the protesters, because their signs "aren't [saying] 'talk to me,' they're saying 'Donald Trump is a hate crime."

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