On the premiere of "The Fox News Specialists," Eric Bolling, Eboni Williams and Katherine Timpf were joined by entrepreneur Mark Cuban and political adviser and "The Circus" producer Mark McKinnon.

Discussing Bolling's interview with President Trump, Williams said that Republicans should take their time crafting a bill they know will be put into law.

"Instead of just getting a fast vote, make it better,"  she said.

Timpf disagreed, saying that if Congress argues too long on a bill, like arguing over where to go for dinner, "the only thing left is the diner."

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On the substance of the plan reportedly floating around Congress, McKinnon praised changes made to allow states to make independent decisions on covering things like preexisting conditions.

"I like the federalist approach. Give it back to the states," he said.

"Who's going to take less?" Cuban said, explaining that the patient [taxpayer], the doctor, or the insurance company will take a hit no matter how the new law is crafted.

The Fox News Specialists also discussed President Obama agreeing to speak before wealthy wall street executives.

The former president often blasted Wall Street and worked to make sure they paid adequate taxes.

"He always said that the Wall Street fat cats have too much money and now they have $400K less," Timpf said

Watch below as the Fox News Specialists discuss threats from North Korea, ISIS and beyond:

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