Congressman Adam Kinzinger said that President Trump is handling increasing tensions with the North Korean regime very well.

Kinzinger said Trump is using the tradition "carrot and stick" diplomacy, in offering dictator Kim Jong-un a possible summit under certain conditions, while reminding the 33-year-old that he is not afraid to use the full power of the United States military against Pyongyang.

"This is how you do diplomacy," Kinzinger told Martha MacCallum on the premiere of "The Story."

He added that Trump is approaching the conflict from a position of strength, contrary to President Obama.

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Kinzinger said Trump was doing a "dance" between "posturing" against North Korea and outright threatening them.

He took issue with Trump saying he would be "honored" to meet with Kim, but noted it was likely a bad choice of words that the president now regrets.

Kinzinger said Trump must work to get both American allies and our nation's enemies together in order to properly confront North Korea.

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