Former Vice President Joe Biden said Hillary Clinton faced a "double standard" in the presidential campaign and was at a "disadvantage."

Biden told the New Hampshire crowd that he is not running for president in 2020, repeatedly praising the former First Lady during the address last night. 

But he said President Trump was able to defeat Clinton by not talking about the issues.

"Trump was pretty smart. He made it all personal. It wasn't the press’s fault, but they focused on all of that. This bile sucked up all the oxygen," said Biden, claiming the election was less about issues than "any campaign in modern history."

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich and Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh discussed the comments this morning. 

Bill Hemmer noted that Clinton also spent a lot of time criticizing Trump, rather than talking about issues. 

Marsh said Biden sounded like a candidate in his speech and wants to show Democrats he can appeal to blue-collar voters the way Trump did. 

Pavlich disputed that Clinton lost because of sexism or misogyny among voters, arguing she lost by failing to match Trump's appearances in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. 

"She failed to show up in the states she needed to and Donald Trump showed up instead," said Pavlich.

Watch the segment above.

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