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Cruz: Take Billions Seized From El Chapo to Pay for Border Wall

Ann Coulter battled it out on "The View" this morning, insisting that President Donald Trump is not a liar and that Mexico will "totally pay" for the proposed border wall. 

In a wide-ranging exchange, Joy Behar criticized Trump for his repeated attacks on the media, arguing that it's all part of a plan.

Behar insisted that the extent of Trump's ties to Russia during the campaign are going to be revealed and that he doesn't want his supporters to believed the media reports when that happens. 

"He doesn't want his supporters to believe the media when he's gonna be put in handcuffs," she said, drawing cheers. 

Coulter chuckled, calling the allegations of collusion with Russia "insane." Whoopi Goldberg then called Trump out for lying "quite a bit" yet always criticizing "fake news" stories.

"He doesn't lie," said Coulter. 

"He lied one time and I'm not gonna tell you when. ... He's a BS'er, an exaggerator," she argued, adding that many of Trump's inaccurate statements shouldn't be taken literally. 

Goldberg then laughed uproariously after Coulter said "Hillary lies." 

Coulter later went after Republicans for failing to move forward on Trump's proposed border wall, instead focusing on "all of the old Republican issues he did not run on" after the election.

Coulter said it's "the easiest thing in the world" to get Mexico to pay for the wall and the country "will totally" foot the bill one way or another.

The conservative author made headlines last week when her planned speech at the University of California-Berkeley was canceled due to safety concerns.

She and many of her supporters called out the university for aiming to silence right-wing speech.

Watch the back-and-forth above.

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