Hasan Minhaj, of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” ripped President Donald Trump for skipping the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night.

Minhaj said Trump avoided the event and held a rally in Pennsylvania because he "can't take a joke."

Michelle Malkin thinks that Trump made the right move by not attending the "annual narcissism fest."

"I thought that what Trump did, in leaving the swamp and doing that rally last night, was absolutely brilliant," Malkin said on "Fox & Friends Weekend" this morning.

She said that Minhaj's jokes were "vile" and "not funny," and the whole event illuminated just how anti-Trump most of the White House media really is.

"This is an annual gathering of news-fakers and Hollywood America-haters and Trump-bashers, who get together to convince themselves that they are absolutely indispensable to American democracy and our constitutional republic," Malkin said. "And they've become more diminished and more more irrelevant and more exposed than ever thanks to the Trump White House and the Trump administration and Trump campaign."

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