President Donald Trump has taken some criticism for skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but Kellyanne Conway says the president was right where he was supposed to be: with the American people.

On "Fox & Friends Weekend" this morning, Conway, a top adviser to Trump, discussed the the president's patriotic rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, which marked his 100th day in office.

"I was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with an overflow, energetic, enthusiastic crowd for this president and his message," Conway said. "They just love him. And the signs were 'promises made, promises kept,' and that's the way they feel."

She noted the fact that the event took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has extra significance, as that's a state where Trump won 20 electoral votes, which helped put him over the top in the presidential election.

Conway pointed out that prior to Trump's "barn-burner" speech, he visited a local wheelbarrow factory and signed two executive orders.

"I think these executive orders really tell the tale of the first 100 days and then looking toward the future," Conway said. "He is cracking down on cheaters and abusers within the trade and manufacturing arenas, and he has established, as of yesterday on his 100th day, an Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, so that there's a White House liaison with commerce in this office that is going to go ahead and review these bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and make sure they're fair to America, American workers, American interests."

She said the American people really appreciate the fact that Trump has kept his promises, and they really feel that the country is safer more prosperous.

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