Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, says it's "insane" to suggest that Trump hasn't accomplished anything during his first 100 days in the White House.

Some in the mainstream media have suggested that the president has failed at passing any "major legislation," such as the ObamaCare repeal and replace plan or tax reform.

On "Fox & Friends Weekend" today, Lewandowski said Trump made pledges to the people and he is systematically fulfilling them.

He listed some of Trump's notable accomplishments, including lowering illegal immigration "almost 70 percent," giving a huge bump to the stock market, and bringing back tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.

"The economy continues to boom. This is because of the president's policies," Lewandowski said.

"He has saved coal miner jobs, he has saved steel workers' jobs, he has made sure that the aluminum industry is taken care of. He’s opened up the Keystone Pipeline, he’s withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and he’s unlocked our energy reserves," Lewandowski said.

He added that 28 bills have been passed since Trump took office, and, as Trump himself told Martha MacCallum last night, that number could rise to 32 over the weekend.

As for the ObamaCare repeal and replacement plan and tax reform, Lewandowski said Trump is going to get both done, and in the short-term.

"Once all of that is done, he is going to invest a trillion dollars back into infrastructure," Lewandowski said. "Any one of those three major policy things that he is going to get done - health care, transportation or the tax cuts - would be considered an amazing success under the previous administration. The press gives him no credit on any of the things he's getting done.”

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