On "Real Time" last night, Bill Maher took aim at former President Barack Obama for his planned speech to a Wall Street firm, for which Obama will reportedly be paid $400,000.

Fox Business Network's Charlie Gasparino broke the story this week about Obama's September speech on health care to Cantor Fitzgerald LP.

Maher joined others on the far-left - like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren - who are calling Obama out for his apparent change of heart on the financial industry, especially after he talked tough on Wall Street "fat cats" during his time as commander-in-chief.

Maher said it would be hypocritical for progressives to blame Wall Street for destroying the middle class, but then give Obama a pass for his lucrative speech to high-earning financial professionals.

“It kind of looks like: when he’s on our team, we’re OK with it,” Maher said. “You could say that when a guy is president, he’s looking ahead to that $400,000 payday. And he’s not going to get it if, while he’s president, he’s going to do something to p*** them off."

"So isn’t the best thing to do to take your $10 million book deal?" Maher said. "Can’t you live on that?”

Watch the "Real Time" clip and the "Fox & Friends Weekend" co-hosts' reactions above.

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