President Trump warned in an interview Friday that a "major, major conflict" with North Korea could result from the ongoing standoff over the country's nuclear program.

"There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely," Trump told Reuters. "We'd love to solve things diplomatically, but it's very difficult."

On "Your World" today, Mark Steyn said Trump is right to be concerned about the tense international situation going off the rails.

"We have the wealthiest societies in human history - countries like Norway and New Zealand - that can't project power to their own borders. And we have basket-case states, like North Korea, which has an all but undetectable GDP. But it's a nuclear power," Steyn said.

He warned that a world like that cannot maintain its "equilibrium" for very long.

"Sooner or later, if North Korea's nuclear, if Sudan goes nuclear, if Yemen goes nuclear, and all the rich countries spend nothing defending themselves, the world will collapse," Steyn said. "And that's what's at the heart of the North Korean question."

He added that if North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has nuclear weapons, he will eventually use them.

Steyn said the only leverage the U.S. has is that Un wants to stay alive and stay in power, which enables us to work with China to use diplomacy and sanctions to get North Korea back to the negotiating table.

"The Chinese have to be pressured to pressure North Korea," Steyn said.

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