In a new piece, Bernie Goldberg drilled down on why he believes the mainstream media coverage of President Trump's first 100 days has been so overwhelmingly negative. 

A study last week by the Media Research Center found that the coverage of Trump on ABC, CBS and NBC in the first 80 days was 89 percent negative. 

Goldberg argued that most journalists begin their workdays with preconceived negative notions about Trump and then "cover the news with those thoughts in mind."

He wrote: 

Now, I think a lot of journalists go to work in the morning, and while they may not actually conspire with other like-minded liberal journalists, they start the day, I believe, with an idea firmly planted in their sensibilities: That Donald Trump has no business being president; that he’s unfit for the office; simply, that he’s a jerk.

And then they cover the news with those thoughts in mind.

A sizeable chunk of Americans don’t like this president. An even bigger chunk doesn’t like the journalists who cover him. Both have a point worth considering.

On "America's Newsroom" this morning, he discussed the issue further, saying he has worked for years in newsrooms and doesn't believe it's a "conspiracy" among liberal reporters. 

"It doesn't happen that way," said Goldberg. 

Instead, he said it's a problem with journalists accepting as fact that Trump is "unfit to be president."

He agreed with Trump's decision not to attend Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner, expecting a lot of "nasty" jokes from the comedians at the event. 

"Some comedians know how to thread the needle and some just go over the line and you know they're gonna go over the line with Donald Trump," said Goldberg, noting the president is "notoriously thin-skinned."

Watch his analysis above.

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