You may have heard that Abby Huntsman has a famous father, but there's a whole lot more to know about the "Fox & Friends Weekend" host.

Insider caught up with the early-rising Utah native for some fun details...

1. I was such a strong-willed child my parents weren't sure how to deal with me. After catching me multiple times singing and acting to myself in the bathroom mirror, they realized they needed to put me in play auditions. That changed my life and unleashed a passion I still have to this day. I still dream about being on Broadway! At seven years old, I was cast in my first play. Here I am in "A Christmas Carol":

2. I failed the driving test three times. Talk about a confidence booster! I did eventually get my license, but my husband will tell you to run for the hills if you ever see me behind the wheel. One of the benefits of living in New York City is never having to drive.

3. I won the state championship twice in high school for tennis. I can brag about it now because I can barely hit a ball today.  :(

4. I have moved 14 times in my life, including to Taiwan, Singapore, and Beijing, and I went to four different high schools. But I spent most of my years living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm one of seven kids. Two of my sisters are adopted: Gracie is from China and Asha is from India. And I have two brothers who serve in the U.S. Navy.


My family, including my pup Golden, is my everything.

5. When my dad was running for president in 2012, my sisters and I made headlines for our goofy parody videos and at times irreverent Twitter handle @jon2012girls. The campaign advisers were not happy about it, but my dad now admits we were the bright spot for him during a time that had many ups and downs.

GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Abby and her husband, Jeff, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Isabel Grace, in November 2017. 

Watch Abby from 6:00 to 10:00am ET every Saturday and Sunday on Fox & Friends Weekend on Fox News Channel. You can also keep up-to-date with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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