As President Donald Trump closes in on his 100th day in office, what do Americans think were his best and worst moments so far?

Pollster Lee Carter joined Sandra Smith on "The First 100 Days" tonight to share her data on the top three and bottom three moments, as the people saw them.

According to those polled by Carter, Trump's top three moments were when he delivered remarks after the Syria airstrikes, when he spoke about "American pride" at his campaign-style rallies, and when he said during a February address to Congress that his job is not to represent to the world, just the U.S.

As for his bottom moments, people reacted negatively when Trump said "nobody knew that health care could be so complicated," when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer railed against the media's coverage of the size of Trump's inauguration crowd, and when top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said the administration had its own "alternative facts."

Carter noted that most of Trump's lowest-rated moments were related to his habit of firing off tweets, and his team's subsequent defense of those tweets.

"What people really want to hear is him talking about the issues - tax reform, health care - that he's got solutions," Carter said. "And putting America first."

Watch the "First 100 Days" clip above.

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