Judge Jeanine Pirro pushed back on the idea that Ann Coulter's planned UC-Berkeley appearance needed to be cancelled due to safety concerns. 

A spokesman for the university said an "enormous amount of time and resources" was spent trying to find a suitable place for Coulter to speak.

Dan Mogulof said the university didn't learn about Coulter's planned speech until they read about it in a newspaper.

He said the university's commitment to the First Amendment is "unwavering and unshakable, but so too is our commitment to the safety of our students."

Coulter, however, viewed the cancellation as a way to "squelch" conservative speech and a sign of how "radical" universities have become. 

Appearing on "Outnumbered," Judge Pirro said the university's claims about student safety are "disingenuous." 

Pirro pointed out what happened with Milo Yiannopoulos a few months ago, when riots broke out at Berkeley before he arrived for a speech. 

"You know how many people were arrested? One," said Pirro, arguing there was a "stand-down" as police let protesters cause $100,000 in damage.

She said the university can utilize campus, local and state police to provide security rather than cancel the event.

"Of course you can protect us. ... What you've got is free speech that people died for!" said Pirro.

Watch Judge Pirro's thoughts above and watch Ann Coulter's interview on "Hannity."

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