The wife of a former FBI agent and CIA contractor who's been missing in Iran for a decade said this morning that the FBI believes her husband is still alive.

Bob Levinson was doing work for the CIA when he went missing on a small Iranian island in 2007.

Proof-of-life footage of Levinson was received by the family in late 2010, but the family has never learned his location or who abducted him.

Christine Levinson said the FBI told her that they believe he's alive and that "there is no information to indicate anything else."

"[The Iranians] are responsible for him. He went missing on Kish Island, which is part of Iran. He was only there 24 hours and they know exactly what happened to him," she said.

"Iran has said they will investigate and get back to us. Unfortunately, they never get back to us. They've said this for 10 years now," said Levinson, adding she hopes the Trump administration will renew talks with Tehran about her husband.

"I know that President Trump is a deal-maker. He can get the job done," she concluded.

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