Conservative commentator Ann Coulter joined Tucker Carlson tonight to react to her canceled speech at the University of California-Berkeley.

Coulter confirmed that she was forced to cancel the scheduled Thursday speech on illegal immigration amid threats of violent protests.

She told Tucker that the university kept changing the conditions and details of the event, even attempting to postpone it until next month.

"They were hoping I would cancel," she said.

She said the writing was finally on the wall when Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth organization, pulled its support.

"My allies turned tail and ran at the last minute, when I think we were about to achieve total victory," Coulter said. "I didn't have any sponsors, I didn't have Berkeley. ... Berkeley canceled, my sponsors acquiesced."

She said Berkeley claims that the threat of violence is what led to the whole debacle, but she's not buying it.

"There are ways of dealing with violence," Coulter said. "We do have a police force."

What would you have said had you been allowed to speak? Tucker asked.

"Federal written law on the books about immigration, developed over generations by both Democrats and Republicans, should be enforced," Coulter said. "That was the overall theme: There are laws. We should enforce them."

Watch more from Coulter above, and see Sean Hannity rail against "fascists" who are stifling free speech.

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