Tucker Carlson debated a professor who said colleges should make "value judgments" to block speakers they disagree with.

Aaron Hanlon of Colby College in Maine said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that Ann Coulter does not meet the "standards for speakers" that should be invited to campus.

Hanlon said he was personally "very speech-permissive" but that colleges should be able to make judgments based on a speaker's value - but not their ideology - before allowing them to speak.

Carlson asked Hanlon to name one speaker who was disallowed on campus due to a liberal viewpoint under that rule.

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Hanlon said President Obama was not allowed on a campus for being liberal, but Carlson said that fact was likely not true.

The professor said too many conservative groups invite "deliberately provocative speakers" like Coulter on-campus, and that liberal protesters "fall into their trap."

Carlson called that statement victim-shaming: "Why not burn their books? Why is it different?" he asked.

Hanlon said no college was banning Coulter's books but reiterated that her speeches offer little value and could lead to violence.

"Colleges should have standards for the speakers they bring," he said.

Watch the compelling debate above.

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