President Trump told the Washington Examiner that he is "absolutely" thinking about breaking up the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Trump criticized the heavily liberal court that blocked his executive order calling for a Mideast travel ban.

He suggested it would likely uphold the injunction against his withholding of sanctuary cities' federal funds if the Justice Department appeals that ruling.

Trump said that "many people" would support breaking up the "outrageous" bench, adding that he is "absolutely" considering the possibility.

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He said his political opponents always "run to the Ninth Circuit" in "semi-automatic" fashion because of the bench's likelihood to rule against him.

"We have a big country. We have lots of other locations," Trump said, accusing his opponents of "judge shopping" to the West Coast courts.

Previously, the administration decided to appeal a nearly-identical ruling against his travel ban from a Fourth Circuit judge in Prince Georges County, Md, reportedly because that bench is more moderate.

Trump slammed the sanctuary city suit ruling of Judge William Orrick III, who is not an appeals judge on the Ninth Circuit, but whose district is under that circuit's purview if the White House appeals the case.

"Sanctuary cities have been very dangerous: very, very bad. Our most talented people say sanctuary cities are a disaster," Trump said.

On "The First 100 Days," Professor Jonathan Turley said it is concerning that Trump has a penchant for attacking the judiciary.

However, Turley said Judge William Orrick "jumped the gun" by blocking an order on sanctuary cities that has not yet been finalized.

There are 11 regional circuit courts in the United States, plus a twelfth concentrating solely on the District of Columbia.

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