Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Keith Ellison said that President Trump represents a dictatorship and that his media criticisms are proof he wants to "control what people learn."

Ellison, a Twin Cities congressman, told a crowd that Trump is leading a "dictatorship" that is warring with democracy, the courts and the press.

"Every dictatorship wants to control what people learn," Ellison said, slamming Trump for regularly criticizing the media.

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"They talk about fake news, they attack the press-- they're attacking your right to know," he said.

He said he too takes issue with CNN - a common Trump foil - at times, but that Trump wants to make sure they aren't telling their viewers the "truth."

Ellison also took aim at Trump's criticism of the judiciary in the wake of several of his executive orders being blocked, and added that his Supreme Court pick is anything but mainstream.

"This guy Gorsuch, who's totally against workers... he couldn't get any Democrats to support him [so] they changed the rules," Ellison added.

Ellison said the Democratic Party will soon introduce a "resistance summer" plan to combat Trump and his agenda.

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