The ongoing dispute over Ann Coulter speaking on the University of California-Berkeley campus has reached a new level.

The Berkeley College Republicans club has filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that the university's handling of the conservative commentator's speech amounts to viewpoint discrimination.

The university initially attempted to reschedule Coulter's planned Thursday appearance over security concerns, but it is expected to happen as planned with a "99 percent" chance of violent protests, according to law enforcement sources.

Naweed Tahmas, vice president of the college Republicans group, said on "Fox & Friends" this morning that this is par for the course for Berkeley.

"Every week, we've been harassed and attacked. I've been spit on, I've been punched. They've destroyed our signs," Tahmas said. "One of our videos we've posted online of a student destroying our signs has gotten over two million views, yet UCB has yet to arrest them."

He added that he's seen fliers on campus with his face on it, labeling him a fascist and neo-Nazi.

"I don't know how many neo-Nazis you know that are named Naweed and have brown skin," he said.

Harmeet Dhillon, the attorney who's representing the Berkeley college Republicans, explained that they have filed a civil rights lawsuit with four claims: equal protection, due process and two First Amendment claims on free speech.

"We're looking forward to having our day in court, and I'm happy to say so many people in the country are on our side here," she said.

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