Tucker Carlson debated an Iran deal-supporting congressman over new revelations it included the release of prisoners who smuggled military technology to Tehran.

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said he still supported the deal because it meant there would be one less nuclear-powered enemy in the world.

He said that because of his vote, President Trump only has to deal with a nuclear North Korea.

Carlson said Swalwell had effectively been lied to, since the congressman announced that Obama administration official briefed him on the contents of the deal.

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"I'm not going back in time," Swalwell said. 

Carlson said Swalwell was also making a "massive assumption" that the Iran deal removed the Iranian nuclear threat, and asked again about Swalwell being told a lie.

"You were hoodwinked," Carlson said. "They were abetting terrorism."

Watch the full debate above.

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