Tucker Carlson sparred with a California Democrat over the validity of a judge's decision to block President Trump's order withholding funds from sanctuary cities.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese said Trump's order was "riddled with problems" and that the judge rightly upheld the Constitutional rights of sanctuary city residents.

He said Trump was violating the people's right to 'due process regardless of status', and unlawfully telling local governments what to do.

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"We don't do deportation here, we do civil law and criminal law," Cortese said. "It's up to ICE who's entitled to be here."

Carlson responded that he was creating a principle that the federal government has no right to instruct local governments.

"If Jackson, Mississippi [decided to] re-segregate schools, would it be ok to withhold funding?" Carlson asked.

Carlson said the Obama administration threatened to withhold funds from Indiana over then-Gov. Mike Pence's motions on Planned Parenthood funding.

Cortese said he wasn't talking about segregation and repeated that the feds were violating the rights of residents with Trump's order.

"So, you're saying because you don't like a law, you don't have to obey it but taxpayers have to send you money," Carlson said.

Watch the full debate above.

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