President Donald Trump commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day with a speech hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Tuesday.

The keynote speech was part of the museum’s unveiling of its new conservation and research center, which is home to a collection of artifacts donated by those who survived Adolf Hitler’s massacre of Jews during World War II.

"As president of the United States, I will always stand with the Jewish people. And I will always stand with our great friend and partner the state of Israel," Trump said. "Today, we remember the six million Jewish men, women and children whose lives and dreams were stolen from this earth."

"Today, we mourn, we remember, we pray and we pledge: Never again."

In 1980, Congress established the Days of Remembrance as the nation's annual commemoration of the Holocaust. Observances and remembrance activities occur throughout the Week of Remembrance, which runs from the Sunday before Holocaust Remembrance Day through the following Sunday.

Watch Trump's speech above.

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