Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) took a jab at President Donald Trump by tweeting a photo showing Lieu wearing a "Trump Putin 2016" campaign t-shirt.

"We just adopted a dog! His name is Abbot and he is a very cute one-year old Multipoo. #TuesdayMotivation," Lieu wrote, along with a photo of himself and his new dog.

Although Lieu did not acknowledge his "Trump Putin 2016" shirt in the tweet, many Twitter users were quick to note the anti-Trump attire.

One Twitter user replied to Lieu's post, saying, "Abbot is cute. I love your shirt where did you get it?"

Lieu responded, saying he "googled Trump Putin shirt online."

The shirt is in reference to Trump's alleged soft stance on Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Moscow's reported meddling in the U.S. presidential election.

Lieu has long been an outspoken critic of Trump and his administration, even calling him a "truly evil man."

He also used a recent town hall as an opportunity to troll the president by showing him the "bigly crowd" that showed up to the event.

He previously tweeted that the only way he will vote to fund Trump's "stupid" border wall is if Russia pays for it.

A day earlier he said that Trump should admit - at least to himself - that he's "not that good at this 'president' thing."

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