On "The Five," Greg Gutfeld said liberal students and others' ability to shut down debate and claim "hate speech" whenever a conservative is invited to campus is effectively "Sharia law for snowflakes."

Gutfeld said there is an unspoken rule-of-sorts that allows these people to stifle debate or opposing viewpoints, like that of Ann Coulter at University of California-Berkeley.

He called it "Sharia law for snowflakes," and said the college administration's claim of "security concerns" was a "scam."

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Gutfeld asked whether, in that case, a lifeguard would therefore be allowed not to treat someone because they were a Democrat, or if a firehouse could ignore a fire at the NewsCorp building because they did not like Fox News.

Jesse Watters said Berkeley's problem with Coulter was indeed all about politics, since liberal comedian Bill Maher rarely draws such backlash.

Kimberly Guilfoyle added that the protesters are effectively "storm troopers of the left."

"These are anarchists [not Democrats]," Bob Beckel said, adding that Coulter has a right to speak wherever she is invited.

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