You may already know that as a child, Melissa Francis played Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on the world-famous primetime soap opera "Little House on the Prairie."

Francis, now a Fox News and Fox Business anchor, would later go on to graduate from Harvard.

Insider caught up with the wife and mother of three to learn five things you may not have known...

1. Martin Sheen, Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Blythe Danner, Michael Landon, and Sally Struthers are all my parents… or at least they were on television.

Here's yet another mom making sure I had a nutritious breakfast: 


Always a different parent, but the same braids. For the record, I did more than 100 commercials. Or at least that's what I’m told because I certainly don’t remember them all.

2. After this bear's eye was brutally removed in 1980, he was rescued and gifted to me by Robin Williams.

I did an episode of "Mork & Mindy" with Robin in which I played Mindy as a kid. My character walked around with a bear named Mr. One Eye. The prop guy violently removed the eye in front of me! I was horrified! Robin dried my tears and insisted that I keep the bear when we were done shooting the episode. I still treasure the weathered beast and my kids take turns sleeping with him. 

3. I have a rare, blood defect called Factor V Liden. The genetic mutation caused high-risk pregnancies with both my sons and, after my doctor told me having more children was way too dangerous, we had our daughter Gemma with the shockingly generous help of a surrogate family.

4. If I saw Super Woman on the street I might strangle her with her cape. In my new book, Lessons from the Prairie I try and tear down the icons of fake perfection in social media and culture at large and demonstrate for everyone I’m not close to perfect and neither is anyone else! So don’t beat yourself up if your thighs are fat or your hair is frizzy or your kids are too loud! Because while you’re leaning in and berating yourself for not being a Fortune 500 CEO, you might be missing the joy that's right in front of you in your current life! I really believe this. In fact, I have tried to spend the majority of this book making fun of myself and making the reader laugh out loud at all the times I've taken a pie to the face and then licked the whipped cream off for dessert. Through all those hilariously humiliating stumbles, I've come up with the Foolproof Four Step Plan to Turn Disaster into Golden Opportunity. I’m not kidding. It works every time!

5. I have a visual memory. I remember what things looked like at exact moments in time and I'm also great at visualizing patterns rather than details. For example, I can punch in an ATM code or a phone number based on the pattern, but I couldn't tell you necessarily what the numbers are, so if you moved the buttons I'd be lost. I know that's more than you wanted to know, but that's the deal.

Watch Melissa Francis, weekdays at 4:00pm ET, with David Asman on "After The Bell" on Fox Business Network. Plus, check out her new book Lessons from the Prairie.

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