First daughter Ivanka Trump responded to a German newspaper that called her her father's "First Whisperer" while she was in Berlin to speak at a conference.

Trump is a formal but unpaid White House adviser to President Trump.

The Berliner Zeitung ran a front page story called "First Flüsterin" while Trump was meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF boss Christine LaGarde.

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An NBC News reporter asked her what she thought of being considered an "accomplice" to her father's administration.

Ms. Trump said she didn't like the "intonation" of such a label, and added that it isn't productive for the press to talk about her in that way.


On "The Five", Jesse Watters said it was ironic that the left says they stand up for women, yet jeer a woman in power like Trump.

Dana Perino said she admired Trump for taking up Chancellor Angela Merkel's invitation.

"This kind of attack is easy," Greg Gutfeld remarked, asking if those same liberal attendees would boo someone actually controversial, like former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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