President Donald Trump maintained moments ago that his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall is going to be built. 

"The wall is gonna get built, folks. ... We're gonna have the wall built," he said, blaming doubts about the project on TV news "pundits who don't know what they're talking about." 

He answered "soon" when asked when construction would start, assuring that it will be built in his first term. 

"We have plenty of time," said Trump, adding that plans and "specifications" are already underway. 

Trump answered a few questions from reporters after a ceremony in which he signed an executive order aimed at boosting U.S. farming. 

Congress is not going to include funding for the wall in its newest budget, averting a fight with Democrats that could have led to a government shutdown. 

Trump said the wall will stem human trafficking, which he said is a "tremendous problem ... that's probably worse than any time in the history of this world."

He also touted "record numbers" when it comes to stopping illegal crossings and halting the flow of drugs. 

Trump was also asked about whether he's concerned about provoking a trade war with Canada after the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on softwood lumber.

Trump said he does not fear a trade war because Canada has a "tremendous" trade surplus with the U.S. 

"When we're the country with the deficits, we have no fear," he said.

Watch the exchange above.

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