Charles Krauthammer remarked that President Trump's latest diplomatic clash was again with a strong ally: this time Canada over trade policies.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross spoke earlier Tuesday on problems involving tariffs of American dairy products and Trump's threat of tariffs in return.

"I think after having insulted Australia, South Korea, Japan, Mexico and just about every one of our friends, it's about time that we hit Canada," Krauthammer said, joking about his "personal animus" over their role in the War of 1812.

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Krauthammer said there will be repercussions for every industry that uses a product America imposes a tariff on, like lumber from Canada.

But, he added that this threat was Trump's "opening bid" in a debate over how much America should tax and be taxed for goods it exports and imports.

"Threaten them with tariffs on lumber, you show some give on dairy," he said.

Krauthammer said he couldn't see the Trump administration engaging in a full-blown trade war with America's closest ally.

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