FBI Director Jim Comey and CIA Director Mike Pompeo are reportedly 9,000 miles from Washington, huddling with their counterparts from five other nations at a super-secret conference.

Neither agency would confirm details of the trip or its existence, but local media at the five-star Millbrook resort in Invercargill, New Zealand report that the registration number on the Gulfstream jet carrying Pompeo traces back to the CIA.

The meeting is said to involve spy agencies from five member nations, called the "Five Eyes."

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The group traces its roots back to World War II when Britain and the United States shared intelligence on the Soviet Union.

It now also includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Five Eyes sporadically meet to share intelligence as a result of their promise not to spy on one another.

Catherine Herridge reported that the 500-acre resort is scattered with snipers and bodyguards and that New Zealand's interior ministry would not confirm who was attending the meeting.

Radio New Zealand reported that Prime Minister Bill English however did confirm the existence of the conference.

Public security is also said to have increased in the nearby city of Queenstown.

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