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Greg Gutfeld poked fun at liberals who celebrated after their candidate "almost won" a special election in Georgia.

Filmmaker Jon Ossoff, 30, was unable to reach 50 percent in a special election, triggering a runoff later this year for Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price's former House seat.

"Ossoff got enough votes in a primary-- to make it to the REAL election. Wow," Gutfeld said.

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He remarked that he'd rather be celebrating President Trump winning the presidency than celebrating someone who won 49 percent of the vote in a primary election.

Gutfeld played clips of liberal commentators heaping praise on Ossoff and comparing him to a young President Obama.

He agreed that Ossoff was very much like Obama: "He kind of does sound like him... he's a little full of himself."

Watch Gutfeld's full monologue above.

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